Technology leads, three-dimensional control, Nanhu Police "smart policing" escorts National Day

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During the National Day holiday, in order to ensure the continued stability of social security and the people to have a safe and peaceful National Day holiday, Nanhu Police has introduced a new batch of scientific and technological police equipment, combined with the scientific service model, increased the three-dimensional patrol and prevention and control, and made every effort to Escort the National Day security work, effectively deter illegal crimes, and enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses.

科技引领 立体管控 南湖警方“智慧警务”护航国庆

Photo by You Zhichao, reporter of the South Lake Iron Cavalry

In this National Day security work, Nanhu Public Security Bureau adopted a technology-led, three-dimensional management and control 'smart police' to escort the National Day in order to solve the problems of large area, complex terrain, insufficient patrol police force, and incomplete coverage. Among them, for the first time, police drones were introduced and used to carry out aerial warning patrols. The drone has cloud voice security broadcast prompts, night vision data collection and flight and other new technologies integrated with public security prevention and control actual combat application functions. It has the characteristics of large take-off weight, long battery life and high wind resistance. Carrying out air patrols will undoubtedly inject a booster for the Nanhu Police.

科技引领 立体管控 南湖警方“智慧警务”护航国庆

Photo by police drone reporter You Zhichao

科技引领 立体管控 南湖警方“智慧警务”护航国庆

The police observed the situation on the street by manipulating the drone. Photo by reporter You Zhichao

During the National Day, the Nanhu Police will use the drone for safe flight, unmanned investigation, police application and other aspects. Based on the investigation and judgment of the police, the drone will be used in densely populated places such as Mingshu Expo Park, Nanhu Square, and Fengling Children's Park every day. . The area will carry out air patrols for two hours (20:30 to 22:30 every day), adopt dislocation, air patrols and superimposed patrol service modes, and cooperate with and complement each other with street patrol forces. In empty areas and places with complex public security, functions such as drone capture and shouting reminders are used to control, control, control and conduct key inspections in crowded places. When a major police situation or case (event) occurs on the street, the police cannot quickly reach the core area. Air patrol can realize aerial investigation and timely feedback information so that the police can deal with it quickly and effectively.

科技引领 立体管控 南湖警方“智慧警务”护航国庆

Photo by Street Patrol Reporter You Zhichao

In addition, Nanhu Police also gave full play to the prominent role of science and technology in leading modern policing, and comprehensively strengthened the implementation of various security tasks. In the command center of the sub-bureau, a visual command platform was built, and the large-scale LED high-definition display screen scrolled and played high-definition video surveillance images from various places, so that the commander could see the flow of people in various places at a glance.

On the main road in the urban area, through the public welfare LED screens of the shops along the street, the National Day safety precautionary video and safety reminder information are scrolled. At the same time, the Nanhu Iron Cavalry Team was dispatched on the road to carry out road patrols, dealt with emergencies in a timely manner, and made every effort to maintain order.

科技引领 立体管控 南湖警方“智慧警务”护航国庆

Photo by You Zhichao, a reporter from the Hangyang City Police Station

In the areas along Nanhu Lake and Hangyang business district where mass activities are relatively concentrated, the sub-bureau organized the police force to go down to the grassroots level, and carried out various joint defense patrols with various police types. At the same time, police dogs were dispatched for ground investigation, police assault vehicles were continuously patrolling, and the South Lake Flying Eagle Action Team plainclothes investigation and control were taken to severely crack down on various illegal and criminal activities within the jurisdiction. With the highest standards, the most practical measures, the strongest strength, the best image, and serving the citizens of the jurisdiction to spend a safe and happy National Day holiday.

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