Installation and installation of perimeter intrusion alarm system in key sections along the high-spe

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The 'Administrative Measures for High-speed Railway Safety Protection' came into effect on July 1. The relevant person in charge of the State Railway Administration said that with the rapid expansion of my country's high-speed railway network and the continuous expansion of transportation scale, the situation facing high-speed railway safety work has become increasingly severe and complex. The 'Measures' are devoted to strengthening the safety protection measures for high-speed railways from various aspects, and establishing a high-speed railway safety guarantee system that combines technical defense, physical defense, and human defense.

High-speed rail is fast and requires high operating environment. According to the provisions of the 'Measures', high-speed railways should be fully enclosed and managed, and corresponding enclosed facilities and warning signs should be set up. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and facilities and equipment in key areas, important places such as station squares, waiting areas, train carriages, and key parts such as high-speed railway bridges and tunnels are equipped and installed with monitoring systems; emergency evacuation channels and instructions are set up in key areas such as passenger gathering areas identification, etc., and strengthen prevention by technical means.

In order to prevent the impact of external risks on the safety of high-speed rail operations, the 'Measures' require that perimeter intrusion alarm systems be installed in key sections along the high-speed rail lines, and video surveillance of high-speed rail lines should be strengthened; relevant units should strengthen natural disaster assessments in the early stage of high-speed rail construction. , prevention work, establish a geological and meteorological disaster early warning information interconnection mechanism in accordance with the law, carry out timely forecast and early warning, and railway transportation enterprises take corresponding preventive measures against disasters.

News source: Chengdu Daily

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