Integrated UAV detection and countermeasure equipment

The equipment can achieve passive, all-round, zero-interference detection and signal interference blocking for black-flying drones to make them leave or force them to land. The equipment can be widely used in government agencies, military industrial sites, prisons, detention centers, water conservancy and hydropower plants, petroleum and petrochemical plants and other fixed areas of low-altitude security work.

  • Features
  • Parameters

◆ Precise Identification

◆ Defensive strike

◆ Black and white list

◆ Unattended

◆ Advance warning

Fixed DR200-AB

Detection frequency band30MHz~6GHz full band scanning, detection, display
Key Frequency Bands433MHz、900MHz、1.4GHz、2.4GHz、5.8GHz
Detection distance3km、5km、10km
Combat bands900MHz、1.5GHz、2.4GHz、5.8GHz Multi-band customizable
Striking distance3km、5km
Direction finding accuracy
Protection levelIP66
Mainframe size480mm×400mm×245mm(length width thickness)

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