Drone detection and positioning system

It can accurately locate the flight trajectory of the UAV, which can be organically integrated with other security systems, and is suitable for long-term fixed protection in scenes such as aviation airports, petrochemicals, large venues, etc. It can also be deployed on the move with vehicles for low-altitude security protection work for public security law enforcement and troop patrol.

  • Features
  • Parameters

◆ Green Safety

◆ Full Frequency Coverage

◆ Black and white list

All-in-one DR200-AB

Detection frequency band30MHz ~ 6GHz full band scanning, detection, display
Detection distance

1-10KM(According to the number)

Direction finding accuracy— —
Number of tests≥30a
Reconnaissance airspace360°full airspace
Mainframe size195mm×218mm(height×diameter)
Mainframe weight≤2.5kg

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