Stereoscopic UAV detection system

It can detect UAVs in the full airspace (3-10Km) range with positioning accuracy ≤ 3°. Suitable for long-term fixed protection of aviation airports, petrochemical, large venues and other scenes, can be deployed with the vehicle mobile, low altitude security protection work for public security law enforcement, troop patrol and defense.

  • Features
  • Parameters

◆ Green Safety

◆ Full Frequency Coverage

◆ Black and white list

◆ Network positioning

◆ Good scalability

◆ High flexibility

Fixed DR200-A

Detection frequency band30MHz ~ 6GHz full band scanning, detection, display
Detection distance3km、5km、10km
Direction finding accuracy
Number of tests≥30a
Reconnaissance airspace360°full airspace
Mainframe size410mm×330mm×190mm(length×width×thickness)
Mainframe weight≤2.5kg

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