Handheld drone detection countermeasures

With detection and early warning, target-seeking, interference and striking, display and control network functions in one, can be used independently in a single set, but also can be used jointly in multiple sets of network. Suitable for public security, troops and other types of single soldier duty scene.

  • Features
  • Parameters

◆ Highly integrated

◆ Second-level detection

◆ Accurate identification

◆ Full frequency coverage

◆ Wide range of applications

◆ Pointable

Handheld DR300-1

Supported Bands1.5GHz、2.4GHz、5.8GHz(支持300MHz~2GHz功率可调) (Support 300MHz ~ 2GHz power adjustable)
Detection distance≥1.5km
Striking distance≥1km
Direction finding accuracy30°(RMS)
Power supply methodLithium Battery
Weight≤5kg(含电池)(Battery included)
Mainframe size760mm×373mm×100mm(Length×width×thickness)

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