Microwave radar early warning vibration intrusion detection system

The system integrates both microwave radar detection and MEMS vibration detection intrusion detection technologies in one detector node. Through the microwave sensing function of microwave radar vibration fusion type detector, it provides pre-alarm for intrusion behavior; when intrusion behavior such as climbing, overturning and vandalism occurs, the system can realize alarm and accurately locate the place where the situation occurs with a positioning accuracy of 0-6 meters.

  • Features
  • Parameters

◆ Fusion Detection

◆ Precise Positioning

◆ Intrusion recognition

◆ Weather condition adaptive

◆ Equipment self-test

◆ Software-defined defense zones

◆ Seamless networking capability

◆ Automatic fault patrol

◆ Easy installation

Microwave radar vibration intrusion detector DP200T-1

Detection methodDual fusion detection of microwave radar warning and MEMS vibration detection
Data CommunicationRS-485
Layout methodWall Hanging
Microwave radar farthest detection distance10m
Microwave radar frequency24GHz±10MHz
Microwave radar range accuracy10cm
Effective distance of vibration detection0~6m
Operating temperature-55~+90℃
Relative Humidity≤95%
Power supply12VDC
Lightning protection level≥15KV
Protection levelIP68

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