Intelligent Perimeter Defense System

Intelligent perimeter defense system is to control the perimeter area closed management, safety and security work in a technical preventive measures, requiring timely alarm and warning for overturning and destruction of the perimeter to achieve timely disposal and prevention of the purpose of ensuring perimeter security.

  • Features
  • Parameters

◆ High positioning accuracy 

◆ Target classification and identification possible 

◆ Highly integrated vibration and inclination sensing technology 

◆ Supports outdoor all-weather operation and can adapt to extreme weather conditions 

◆ Behavior recognition adaptive judgment, can self-learning, adjustment 

◆ Innovative intrusion behavior recognition algorithm 

◆ Support local alarm relay output and storage and forwarding 

◆ Easy to install and integrate, with double waterproof design 

◆ Fault diagnosis and automatic recovery available

Vibration Intrusion Detector DP200T

Installation methodFence Wall Hanging
Detector Type3-axis digital acceleration sensor
Data CommunicationRS-485
Operating temperature-40℃~+85℃
Operating Voltage12VDC
Operating current20mA

Vibration Intrusion Detector Mainframe DP200Z

Installation methodFence Wall Hanging
Data CommunicationRS-485
Operating temperature-40℃~+85℃
Operating Voltage24VDC
Operating current400mA

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